Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday funday round-up!

Whew! It feels like it's been a month since I blogged, but it's only been a week! Almost the same feeling as when you close your eyes and swear there's no way a whole night of sleep passed before you hear "MOOOOOOOOOMMY" over the baby monitor (anyone else?!?).

Anywho! I've been trying to organize things in our house, and the craft box was due for an uphaul! Instead of trying to dig through everything, I separated different types of supplies in zip-loc bags for easy access. 

Check out what's in our craft box: 

Must haves: Glue sticks, toddler friendly scissors, tape

Googly eyes

Pipe cleaners



Fuzzy pom poms


Turkey craft kit!

Finger paints

Cute container from Target to store it all in!

Have I mentioned lately how much I absolutely adore Dollar Tree? Seriously. I hope all you mommies out there have one nearby. The Turkey craft kit- SO cute... and SO cheap at $1!

Sometimes, we have a "Thingamabob" craft night where we just take anything in our craft box and go bananas with our imagination. I like to do this when we are reorganizing the box, as there are usually a lot of scraps and such strewn about in it.

Of course- Halloween themed scrap spider

Not too shabby with his toddler friendly scissors!
What's in your craft boxes, Mamas?

& please do keep an eye out for our next post.. Birthday Themes! So exciting!

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